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Pinbox is about you and your places.
It makes it easy to plan your next trip, mark places you want to visit, or remember your favorite spots… Just drop a pin!

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Pins are Places

Pins are like bookmarks for real-world places. Drop pins where you are, where you've been, or where you want to go. It's easy!

Multiple Maps

Unlike other apps, Pinbox doesn't force you to save all your places on a single map. You can make a separate map for every activity. Make one map for your favorite restaurants - make another map for your next business trip or vacation - and make another map for errands you need to run this weekend. The possibilities are endless!

You'll never forget places you've been or places you want to go... with Pinbox.


  • Simple, easy-to-use interface

  • Drop a pin for each place you want to remember

  • Add photos, notes, and other details to each pin

  • Choose from seven different pin colors

  • Organize your pins into separate maps

  • Display maps in Standard, Hybrid, or Satellite

  • See where you are in relation to your pins

  • Share pin details through email or text

  • Send pins to Apple or Google Maps, Waze, or Transit for directions

  • A Few Examples of Maps You Might Create With Pinbox

    Restaurants you want to try.

  • Vacation planning.

  • Multi-stop errands.

  • Friends and family locations.

  • Customer locations.

  • Parking spots.

  • Favorite hiking / biking trails.

  • Secret fishing spots.

  • Dog-friendly places.

  • Favorite stores.

  • And more...

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 Privacy Policy

Apple requires all apps in the App Store to have a privacy policy. In the case of Pinbox that's easy… the app doesn't collect or distribute any information at all.