Frequently Asked Questions

How many pins I can save?

Pinbox can save 2,500 pins (total). Each map can have a maximum of 400 pins.

We impose these limits for your benefit. We have found that saving more than 2,500 pins (total), or displaying more than 400 pins on a map at once results in poor performance. These limits are based on iPhone hardware limitations, so they will naturally go up as new iPhones are released and older iPhones are retired.

Is there more than one way to add pins to my maps?

Yes. There are four ways to add pins to your maps:

  1. Long-tap (tap and hold) anywhere on the map to drop a pin at that location.
  2. Tap the 'Drop Pin' button. This will either drop a pin at your current location (if it's visible on the map) or drop a pin in the center of the map (if your location is not visible).
  3. Tap the 'Search' button and search for a place by name, address, or latitude, longitude. You can also search for generic terms like, 'pizza'.
  4. Import pins that were sent to you from another Pinbox user.

Tip #1: If you drop a pin manually, the pin details will only include the address and latitude / longitude, but if you search for a place by name, Pinbox tries to get the phone number, and website too (if available).

Tip #2: Manually dropped (unsaved) pins can be moved. Tap and hold at the base of an unsaved pin until it lifts off the map. Then drag the pin to the new location - placing the pin-point precisely where you want the pin to drop.

Can I share my maps / pins?

Yes. Whole maps, and individual pins, can be sent to other Pinbox users via email in a format that can be imported into Pinbox. The details of individual pins and maps can also be shared with non-Pinbox users in the form of plain text. From the Map Details or Pin Details screen, tap the Share button in the lower right corner. This feature requires both sender and receiver to be running Pinbox 8.0 or higher.

Sharing a map with other Pinbox users results in each person having their own distinct copy of the map. The maps are not linked to each other. Changes made to one copy of the map will not be reflected in the maps of other users. Allowing multiple people to collaborate on the same map is a feature we hope to offer in the future.

Why aren’t photos included when I share a map?

Each map can potentially have thousands of photos associated with it. Sending this many photos at once via email is impossible.

Can I sync my maps between devices?

Syncing between devices is not supported at this time. Syncing is a feature we hope to add to a future version of Pinbox.

How do I get directions to the pin location?

From the Pin Details screen, tap the address. You'll be presented with options for directions from Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and Transit, if these apps are installed. If none of the third-party apps are installed, you'll be taken directly to Apple Maps.

How do I backup my Pinbox data?

Your Pinbox data is automatically backed up whenever you backup your iOS device to iCloud or to your computer (through iTunes). If your device were to ever get lost or broken, your Pinbox data would be available on your new device as long as you set up your new device by restoring from backup.

Of course, your restored Pinbox data would only be as current as your most recent backup, so it's another reason to backup your device often.

Can I import / export pins in other file formats?

Importing / exporting pins in other formats (csv, kml, gpx, etc...) is not supported at this time. This is a feature we hope to add to a future version of Pinbox.

How do I rename my maps or pins?

From the Map Details or Pin Details screen simply tap on the Map / Pin name to edit the name. You can also tap the 'Edit' button in the upper right corner to enter editing mode.

How do I reorder my maps or pins?

From the My Maps or Map Details screen, tap the 'Edit' button in the upper right corner and then grab each map / pin by the drag-icon (3 lines) to drag your maps / pins up or down in the list.

Can I use Pinbox when I don't have internet access?

Yes and no. Your pins and all the associated data is stored locally on your device and do not require an internet connection to be viewed. But, Pinbox does require an internet connection to load the actual map, or use the Search function.

How do I move a pin from one map to another?

From the Pin Details screen tap the Map row (it shows the map that the pin is currently assigned to). On the resulting screen tap the map that you wish to move the pin to.

How do I change the default pin color?

From the main map view, tap the Settings icon (upper right corner), and then tap 'Default Pin Color'. From the resulting screen you can select a new default pin color.

The default color only applies to new pins. Changing the color will not affect existing pins already on your maps.

How do I use 3D map mode?

While viewing a standard map, place two fingers side-by-side on the map and drag up towards the top of the screen or down towards the bottom of the screen to tilt the map in 3D.

The 3D mode is only available on standard maps, not satellite maps. It's also only available when adequately zoomed-in. The more zoomed-in you are, the more the map will tilt. 3D buildings are only available in major metropolitan areas.

Why can I only add 6 photos to each pin?

Pinbox is a mapping app. We added the ability to add photos to help you remember each location, but Pinbox is not meant to be a full-featured photo-management app. Apple's built-in Photos app, or other third-party apps, are much better suited for this purpose. Managing your travel photos should be done outside of Pinbox.

Why does Pinbox save photos to my camera roll / Do I have to keep these photos?

When a photo is added to a pin via the camera, Pinbox saves a low-resolution copy of the photo inside the app. By default, the full-size photo is also saved to the camera roll. This allows you to save / share the full-size photo (from the Photos app). If this feature is turned off, Pinbox will only save the low-resolution copy inside the app. Deleting the full-size photos in the photos app will not affect what's displayed inside Pinbox.